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SQL Training Course with Certification in Dubai Individual

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Location: Dubai
Price: $1 Negotiable

Startquerying databases and learn to code in SQL with KHDA certification in Dubaifrom the experts of MCTC Dubai, UAE!

Whoeveryou are, a beginner or a professional, MCTC Dubai will help you to acquiredatabase management skills with pure hands-on from the scratch to advancedlevel. SQL is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving datain a database and the most important part of software development. Free demoavailable. Affordable fees.

Ourcourse content includes:

·        Introduction to SQL

·        Syntax of SQL

·        Datatypes

·        DDL, DML, TCL, DCL Commands

·        Transactions

·        Views

·        Constraints

·        Indexes

·        Select, insert, update, delete, with, with ties clauses

·        Arithmetic operators

·        Wild card operators

·        Intersect & Except clause

·        USING Clause

·        Create Table Extension

·        ALTER (Rename, ADD, DROP,MODIFY)

·        Limit clause

·        Like, some, except clauses

·        ALL and ANY

·        EXISTS

·        GROUP BY

·        Union Clause

·        Aliases

·        ORDER BY

·        SELECT TOP Clause

·        AND/OR operators

·        WHERE, DISTINCT Clause


·        Join (Cartesian Join &Self Join)

·        Alternative Quote,Concatenation Operator

·        MINUS, DIVISION, NOT Operators

·        BETWEEN & IN Operator

·        Join (Inner, Left, Right andFull Joins)

·        Mathematical functions (SQRT,PI, SQUARE, ROUND, CEILING & FLOOR)

·        Conditional Expressions

·        Aggregate functions

·        Functions (Aggregate andScalar Functions)

·        Date functions

·        NULL

·        How to Join three or moretables

·        How to Get the names of thetable

·        Sub queries in From Clause

·        Correlated Subqueries

·        Top-N Queries

·        SUB Queries

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